Resightings of a Colour Ringed Gull

Thank you for your report of a CR-ringed Gull. Under you will find the details. In the event the bird is dead and you still posses the ring(s), we kindly urge you to send (them) to us. Resightings of our CR-ringed Gulls could be reported to Lista Ringing Group, Box 171, 4558 Vanse, Norway, on E-mail: or the WEB page

This list of ringingdata and ring reading data is intended for personal use only. If you want to publish data from this list please contact us before publication;

For birds ringed in Norway;
Morten Helberg at email

For birds ringed in Denmark;
Kjeld T. Pedersen at email

CR-Code Black ring with white code: JYL36 LBM;RBNW(JYL36)
Ringing Centre Copenhagen (Denmark) Ring number 3M3036
Species Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinus
Sex Unknown Age Pullus

Date Place Coordinates Observers Days/km/°
05.07 2013 Knogen, Læsø, Nordjylland, Denmark 57°16'49"N 011°10'34"E Pedersen, Kjeld Tommy
Sandøy, John -

07.03 2014 Hirtshals Havn, Husmorstranden, Nordjylland, Denmark 57°35'43"N 009°57'26"E Pedersen, Lars R. 245/81/296
18.06 2014 Grenå Havn, Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'32"N 010°55'25"E Olsen, Carsten 348/98/189
28.07 2014 Grenå H, Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'29"N 010°55'34"E Olsen, Carsten 388/98/189
06.01 2015 Grenå , Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'16"N 010°55'24"E Olsen, Carsten 550/99/189
16.01 2015 Grenå , Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'15"N 010°55'26"E Olsen, Carsten 560/99/189
17.01 2015 Grenå Lystbådehavn, mole 1, Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'15"N 010°55'20"E Olsen, Carsten 561/99/189
08.02 2015 Grenå Lystbådehavn, mole 3, Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'15"N 010°55'27"E Olsen, Carsten 583/99/189
16.03 2015 Grenå Lystbådehavn, mole 2, Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'16"N 010°55'24"E Olsen, Carsten 619/99/189
16.06 2015 Grenå Havn, Kattegatcenteret, Midtjylland, Denmark 56°24'20"N 010°55'39"E Olsen, Carsten 711/98/188
25.07 2015 Østerby havn, Læsø, Nordjylland, Denmark 57°19'16"N 011°07'40"E Matthiesen, Aage 750/5/327